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How does your returns process work?Updated 7 months ago

So, you've logged your return on our PORTAL, and sent it off via the selected method. Now what?

Your return is making its way back to our warehouse based in the UK. Depending where you've sent your return from, this can take up to 14 working days for the package to be received, checked, and put back into stock.

If you're waiting for a refund, have checked the tracking and can see it's been delivered back to us, this usually means it's in the process of being unpacked and checked. 

Every day, we process returns that have passed this checkpoint, which is when you'll receive an email confirming your refund. 

The funds going back to you is entirely dependant on who you bank with, so can take as little as a few hours or sometimes a few business days.

If you have any questions about your return or refund, pop onto live chat so we can help further if needs be.

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